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  1. #1 It's really past bad with my family & friends Trumpers. 
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    It's really past bad with my family & friends Trumpers.

    Like I bet many of you have had to do over the past 3 years, I’ve had to ask myself some really hard questions lately.
    When is enuf enuf?
    If these (supposedly) good people in my life continue to support this man who is destroying our country, how do I remain in the SAME type of relationship with them.
    I’ve already canceled any social media to avoid their vile.
    I’ve dropped those relationships that were just casual.
    And, now, I’m thinking about dropping some REALLY important relationships.
    With most, (as I’m sure you’ve probably done) we have always just agreed to disagree and just never discuss politics.
    But more and more it seemed to seep into everyday life with snide remarks with them or their friends, neighbors, and acquaintances about how great Trump is in “owning the libs”.
    I am not a confrontational person.
    I often go along to get along.
    But, if I hear one more Trumper say.... “who cares about the stupid shit he says, my 401K looks great”.
    First, why does he get credit for that?
    Second, why does Obama/Biden get no credit for saving us from a likely depression?
    Third, no matter how good the stock market is doing right now, what goes up usually comes down.
    Fourth, is having another car 🚘 or a boat 🚣*♀️ really worth the damage that this evil corrupt person is doing to our country and to our planet?
    Fifth, have these people been so outFauxed and Rush Limbotomized that they really believe the country would be better off with four more years of him than a “radical, tree hugging, baby killing, bed wetting liberal”? (That was rhetorical- of course they do).

    The really heart ❤️ crushing part is that these are people that I love and that love me.
    How do I keep them in my life and still keep my self respect and semi sanity?

    This is what I hate most about Trump. He has impacted my actual life so negatively.
    Or, make that, I have ALLOWED him to do so.
    Any suggestions from those that understand where I’m coming from?

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    1. youre not alone..I have disowned one sis and the other one I dont even like... there goes our family, since both our parents died during the last year. Once they passed we sisters separated we had no need to stay in touch.

    I consider myself an only child now and Im moving to the other side of the state to Seattle where hubby's family and my only childs family lives. I will leave behind friends but really with social media we are never that far apart but I will be surrounded by supportive and like minded people and in my senior years thats the most important. I'm way past trying to repair broken or toxic relationships. Lifes too short for that.

    Good luck....
    hateful little fucks...

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    3. Everyday our congress sits idle, the more it embolden's trump and the retrumplicans.

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    79. The majority of the Trump Drag disappeared in my area recently.

    I'm not really sure what precipitated the change in attitude. But, one day, *poof*, all of the lighted yards signs and flags were gone and it's been over a month since I saw a Trumpanzee wearing a MAGAt hat. These deplorable fish swim in different circles from me. So, I don't know what particular signal was issued.

    Maybe, it was the USS McCain incident. There are many vets here and they weren't too happy about that episode from Old Yeller. And, I have seen more veteran service ball caps.

    Dunno. It is a breath of fresh air, tho.
    cool story, bro...
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    But, if I hear one more Trumper say.... “who cares about the stupid shit he says, my 401K looks great”.
    They really can't stand it that anyone disagrees with them politically. They take it as a personal insult. The idiots think that the end all and be all is THEM and THEIR OPINIONS, BELIEFS and VALUES.

    And they really don't like being told that they are not all that important and that not all agree with them.

    Their solution: One big non stop temper tantrum.
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    It's going to be so fun here
    on election night.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    What's so hard about living in the moment instead of living in the backdrop of the moment?

    Family-members rarely make windy political-speeches to family-members for the sake of making-them. Your sense of civilized-logic is in-control.
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    My grandpa loved a good political argument with his grandchildren or children (my mom, mostly). He thought it kept him sharp in his old age.

    If you can't have good-natured arguments with your family and friends, then don't talk about politics with them. There are always other things to discuss.
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