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  1. #1 I went to Stephen Miller's high school 
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    I went to Stephen Miller's high school

    I went to Santa Monica High School and know all about this racist clown. He ran for student body president by making offensive racial slurs to my fellow student and created so much outrage they had to assign his own security. In high school. WTF? GTFOOH... At the tax payers expense. He lost of course. He then acted out by trashing the school otchestra's musical instruments beyond repair. His parents couldn't pay for the damages so the school had to have a fundraiser. So it is no surprise we are seeing immigrant toddlers ripped from the parent and thrown into cages and shot up with psychotropic drugs. I don't care who you support in the primary. Whoever is nominated we cannot afford the same bs that happened in the last election. We must not only be on board but throwing every fiber of our being behind whoever the nominee ends up being. Out
    Oh, no.... he's a racist...

    Stephen Miller is an American far-right political activist who serves as a senior advisor for policy for President Donald Trump. He was previously the communications director for then-Senator Jeff Sessions. He was also a press secretary for Republican representatives Michele Bachmann and John Shadegg.

    the 'far left' wiki page for miller doesn't have anything about this 'crime' of beating up musical instruments... which, if it happened for real, I am sure the left would be running with this 24/7... of course---- Barry build the cages and had the photos taken... so... racists...

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    42. Did anybody ever tell that White Supremacist that he's not White and that he's also Jewish?
    Karadeniz (2,950 posts)

    3. Trashing the orchestrs...another sociopath
    catrose (2,594 posts)


    They let him stay in school after that?
    go ahead and google it. There is nothing on this 'story' at all. go ahead.... I'll wait....

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    8. Knowing who trashed the instruments and proving it are not the same thing.
    oh, for fuck's face...

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    16. fingerprints

    and OP's claim to start with?
    long gone evidence for sure...

    coulda, woulda ...
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    67. Then why were Miller's parents...asked to pay for the broken instruments?

    Seems the school had all the proof they needed that Miller did it.

    If the OP is true.
    it's not.

    sandensea (8,899 posts)

    18. The GOPee obviously has talent scouts who look for these budding psychopaths.

    Thank you for that very valuable anecdote, DIVINEprividence.

    It's always great to have a knowledgeable, first-hand account - especially of such characters.

    On a personal note, I might've run into the little shit without knowing it. I lived in Santa Monica at the time, and used to frequent the Vidiots video store - which, as you know, is (or rather, was) just a couple of blocks from SAMOHI.

    Such is life - and Welcome to DU!
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    19. I'm surprised and disgusted that Duke admitted him after that vandalism.

    I thought Duke had better standards.
    DemocracyMouse (1,809 posts)

    22. Divine Prividence, PLEASE send your story out to all the major papers.

    Surely there are journalists who would like to interview you re. Miller's psycho background
    diva77 (4,210 posts)

    24. was this ever written about in a local newspaper? if so, do you have a link?

    what month/year did this occur?
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    32. can the orchestral instruments' destruction be verified?

    As a viola player in high school I really need to know if this is verifiable.
    thomhartmann (3,856 posts)

    48. If you would like to discuss your experience on the air,

    drop me an email at
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    Good grief. I didn't even read this one.

    Further proof you can't believe a thing they say.

    For liberals it's all about destroying those who aren't so gullible they believe leftist pap.
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    thomhartmann (3,856 posts)

    48. If you would like to discuss your experience on the air,

    drop me an email at

    And why would this DUmmie believe
    total here say?? There is proof or there
    is not.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    I'm surprised the DUmmies aren't calling for Miller's impeachment since impeachment seems to be their go to on anything Trump related.

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    If I had destroyed all the orchestra instruments at my high school, I would have gone to juvie. Most parents in my day could afford to buy their kids a violin or a viola on a payment plan. Most parents could not afford to buy a cello or bass. Even if they could afford to rent one, the instruments can't be transported daily on a school bus, like the smaller ones. So the school's investment is mostly in the larger, more expensive instruments. It would be easy to find out if the allegations were true.
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