Send in the Republicans to save the day.

Or in this case, the state.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson toured Los Angeles to get a first-hand view of the city’s homeless epidemic. His visit came after the state asked for federal money to help clean its disease-infested streets.

Trump has been vocal about California’s disastrous situation, vowing something must be done to stop it.

California Gov. Newsom seized the moment and fired off a letter to President Trump demanding more money — so the local government can fix what it created.

“California requests you immediately act to address the need for more housing options for the homeless,” the letter states.

Newsom and state officials requested 50,000 more vouchers to tackle the homelessness and asked that the value of the vouchers be increased due to the high cost of living and rent in the state. And that was only a small part of funding requests.

The Trump administration rejected the request, laying blame where it belongs… on local leaders who created with the problem.

I apologize in advance to all you folks in California. This is directed at Newsome and those who think like him

Besides I though Newsom said California was the envy of the world