Energy: The public wants more oil, but Democrats keep offering the same solutions, not one of which includes drilling and all of which are asinine. Do they think the American people are fools?
An online petition circulated by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's American Solutions group and urging Congress to "Drill Here, Drill Now" so consumers can "Pay Less" has reached 1 million signatures.

Meanwhile, a new Reuters/Zogby poll found that 60% of the public is in favor of increased drilling and refining, while two-thirds responding to a Rasmussen poll — including 46% of those who call themselves liberal — think drilling should be allowed offshore.

Not to be outdone, a Gallup poll discovered that 57% are in favor of a new wave of drilling "in U.S. coastal and wilderness areas now off limits."

It seems Americans are well aware that members of Congress, not the oil executives they've demonized for decades, are to blame for the punitive prices we are having to pay at the gas pump. They want lawmakers to do something about it.

But as long as Democrats remain in the congressional majority, it's unlikely that prices will fall even modestly. The solutions the party is offering are, at best, useless. Actually, we're being overly generous, because the Democrats' answers to the oil issue are childish responses that would do more harm than good.

Begin with the fantasy that a "windfall profits" tax would bring down energy prices. Are drained-at-the-pump Americans to believe that insufficient taxes on Big Oil are the cause of high prices? Do Democrats think the public is gullible enough to buy that?

Then there's this nonsense about additional offshore drilling bringing the price of oil down by only a few cents a barrel after five years that Sen. Barack Obama is peddling. Or Sen. Charles Schumer's claim that drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would "reduce the price of oil by a penny" and only after 10 years of waiting.