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  1. #1 Tesla Solar Panels Catch Fire on Colorado Home 
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    Another set of Tesla-produced residential solar panels have reportedly caught fire on a home in Louisville, Colorado.

    FOX 31 Denver reports that a woman in Louisville, Colorado, is warning others about the dangers of solar panels after her Tesla-leased panels burst into flames on the roof of her home. Briana Greer was out of town in August when a fire began on the solar panels, luckily a neighbor was nearby to help Greer put the fire out but not before causing extensive damage to three of the solar panels and the roof.

    The panels were leased by Greer from SolarCity, Tesla’s solar panel division which is being sued by Walmart over claims that the company’s solar panels caused fires at multiple stores across the United States. But it’s not just large businesses with industrial solar panels that are facing these fires, multiple homeowners have also had their solar panels burst into flames.

    Breitbart News reported in August that retail giant Walmart is suing Elon Musk’s company over a number of roof fires at multiple Walmart stores which the firm alleges were caused by Elon Musk’s solar panels. Walmart is suing for breach of contract and is alleging “gross negligence” on Tesla’s part. Walmart is alleging that fires on the rooftops of stores in California, Maryland, and Ohio were the result of Tesla solar panels. Amazon is claiming that in June 2018, one of the firms warehouses in Redland, California, was set ablaze following a malfunction by a solar panel system installed by Tesla’s SolarCity division.
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    Nothing can withstand the heat from the sun, just about every man made item that is left in the sun will eventually disintegrate, including solar cells. It bares out how marvelous the human body is to endure the sun for so long and most of us never have any problems unless we abuse ourselves. My sister was born and raised in San Diego and she was one of those beach dwellers, last year she had to have a tumor removed from a shoulder and it was due to too much sun exposure. Right now I am sitting in front of an air conditioner with the shade down all the way and the sunlight is so bright it hurts the eyes to look in that direction. As long as this air conditioner runs I think I'll make it.
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    Folks mounting solar cells on the roof haven’t thought about the future. What happens when there is a hail storm? Even if the cells survive, they will have to strip the cells off the roof to replace the shingles and then remount them. Even with no weather damage they will still have to be replaced and... you guessed it. Cells off, cells back on or replaced with new tech units. Many also don’t update their homeowners ins to cover the new addition.
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    Oh my ... Ha! Ha! Fools!

    Down with solar panels, windmills etc.

    Up with fracking, building walls at the border, eating meat, ... YUM!!!

    Using plastic straws, driving cars, air travel, et al that the *know-nothing* lefty "climate" fools are trying to convince the younger generation of today!
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