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I have often wondered if we could improve things by thinking outside the box with insurance coverage. As Sowell mentioned, a lot of us pay for coverage we will never use: maternity issues, birth control, post-natal care, baldness, erectile dysfunction, etc.

I'd consider a plan where I could eliminate these things in return for lower fees.

Also, I notice that Kaiser has some sort plan in California that partially covers plastic surgery. I'll bet they could make a bundle by offering plans to cover some plastic surgeries along with orthotics, laser eye treatments, and exercise equipment.
I had heard so many horror stories about HMOs and PPOs that I was furious when my employer decided to join one. After having no health insurance for several years (and 2 childbirths), then standard insurance for several years, I thought the PPO would be the worst possible change. I was so totally wrong!

With the PPO, while my choices of doctors are limited to those within the organization (if I want the lower cost), the organization has every specialist available. The costs to me are WAY lower, and the cost to my employer is way lower. I suppose if I hated generic drugs, or had some favorite specialist that was outside the organization, I might not like it...but as it is, it's been many years since a doctor or hospital billed me for my deductible plus the portion of the bill my insurance denied.

The more consumers can choose their plans and their options, the more cost-friendly insurance companies MUST become.