Bedpans and janitors aside....there is so much to see in the U.S. that so many of our citizens never take advantage of. I'm constantly amazed that so many of my friends and colleagues believe the Jersey shore is the only cultural experience that is worth offering their children.

There is so much to offer here in the U.S. (and abroad) that we just don't see. I, for example, have barely seen any of the country west of Ohio. I'm trying to do it, bit by bit. I'm also surprised to hear of so many people out west that have never been to D.C.

If I had the time, I would love to take a month off just to drive out west and see more of the country. I'm not trying to slight the other countries, but we have a ton to see and do right here. Take a train, drive your car, get on a ferry...just get out and do it!