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I hope they get to capital hill and that there are hearings and that the press covers them - and I hope that people finally wake up and tell their congressmen to STOP TAKING MY MONEY AND GIVING IT TO OTHER PEOPLE WHO DID NOT EARN IT!!!!!
Hey! Pornstars earn their money! The chafing alone is mindboggling. Five billion dollars would buy a lot of lubricant.
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The hearings would be very amusing to watch, unlike most congressional activities. Larry Flynt always does bizarre things at public hearings.
More bizarre than asking for a bailout from congress?

Seriously, I'm hoping that this request gets more attention and highlights the absurdity of all of these bailouts. The bailouts reward failure and punish success. The most obvious example is the auto bailout. Ford restructured and is working towards a longterm fix, so they didn't ask for any money. The cash given to GM and Chrysler will allow them to offer 0% financing on 60-month loans, something Ford didn't want or need to do. So, two companies that were in trouble due to mismanagement (both their own and congress') and which failed to respond to it effectively are now being given an advantage over a company that did its job.