A new Peter Zeihan video has come out. For those of you who have watched some of his presentations you can skip the first 32 minutes or so, it's essentially unchanged. Then we go into considerations of oil refineries, natural gas and their influence on the petrochemical sector; geopolitics of steel, why heavy industry is going to come back; why value added manufacturing is coming back; the impact of global stability on the world's skilled labor pool. The last 10 minutes of Q&A cover the impact of Machine Learning (often mischaracterized as AI) and why alternative energy (Green New Deal etc.) is a wet dream. Zeihan, by the way, is a Clinton supporting Greenie who knows how to do math, he is a liberal but not a fool. Lastly, a realistic evaluation of our worldwide ongoing trade negotiations.

If you have never watched any of his presentations, watch the whole hour. It explains why America might face small bumps in the road but is almost incapable of losing it's position as the world's only economic, military, financial superpower in the long term.

I sincerely hope you take the time to watch. It will be a refreshing break from the insane 24 hour news cycle.