Atticus (6,358 posts)

Is it correct that if there had been a "formal impeachment inquiry vote" the biggest difference

would be that the Republicans would then also have subpoena rights, whereas now they do not?


OliverQ (2,141 posts)

2. No.

The House passed new rules regarding to subpoenas before Pelosi announced impeachment. It gave the Chairs of the committees the power to enforce subpoenas in court. Republicans are not Chairs and do not have that power. They may be able to hold a vote in their committees to subpoena someone, but it would have to pass the committee by vote and since Dems have the majority, they'll never get those through.
In other words they CHANGED the rules to deny the Republicans a role in it and then inability to challenge jack*ss lies or omissions.

I'm not sure it it is true or not but if so they're Fascist PIGS.

Anyone think that they will be any different if they have the Presidency and 1 or 2 chambers of congress?