Just got back from vacation. Did mucho hiking. Am mucho sore.

I love the tests, political and fun, that some of you guys, or if you're from Philadelphia, youse guys, post in the Lounge.

Through these, I have discovered, among other things, that I am a left-leaning libertarian Walrus. Funny, I always thought of myself as more of a moderate Walrus. I guess I was deceiving myself.

Anyway, some of these tests are very spot-on, and others seem to miss the boat entirely.

TOTD: Labels. Sometimes a political label, or any kind of label for that matter, winds up saying too much or not enough. Labels can be convenient heuristic devices to facilitate discussion or classify in gross terms, but they often can and do break down in detailed analysis.

How do you feel about labels, about yourself being labeled, and labels that you perhaps apply to others?

Liberal. Conservative. Neo-con. Moderate.

Nothing too heavy here. Remember, this is The Lounge.