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    President Donald Trump’s administration has been plagued by leakers since the president was sworn into office — and the White House is fighting back.

    A major intelligence agency leaker who prosecutors say was directed “by members of the media” was welcomed to work on Wednesday with a pair of handcuffs, the Justice Department said.

    A Defense Intelligence Agency official was arrested and charged with leaking classified intelligence information to two journalists, including a reporter he was dating.

    Henry Kyle Frese, 30, was arrested by the FBI when he arrived at work at a DIA facility in Virginia. He was charged with willfully disclosing national defense information.

    Frese, who has a top-secret government security clearance, is alleged to have accessed at least five classified intelligence reports and provided top-secret information about another country’s weapons systems to the reporter with whom he was having a relationship.

    The arrest is the latest in a series of prosecutions under the Trump administration of government workers accused of providing nonpublic information to journalists.
    Poorly titled articel
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    Sounds like a reporter was prostituting him or her self for classified information.
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