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  1. #1 Warren Says Inmates Are 'Entitled' to Taxpayer-Funded Transgender Surgery 
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    Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren backtracked this week with regard to her feelings on taxpayer-funded transition surgery for transgender prison inmates.

    The flip-flop came Thursday, The Daily Wire reported, when Warren was asked at CNN’s LGBT town hall — co-hosted by the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT advocacy organization — whether she regretted saying during her 2012 Senate run that transgender individuals should not receive transition surgery at no personal cost while in prison.
    Further down:

    Warren pledged to Lemay that she would introduce policies to make elementary school transgender-inclusive.

    According to The Daily Wire, Warren also suggested in a statement Thursday that one of her first orders of business as president would be to overturn the Trump administration’s policy of imprisoning transgender convicts based on their birth sex rather than their preferred gender
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    "These people" are disgusting.
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    Send them to colonize Mars. We'll call it the Upback.

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