Apparently, it is now considered “violence” to alter the name of a trans person or to misgender it or to even mispronounce a name. During CNN’s tragi-comic “Equality Town Hall,” singer Shea Diamond, a trans “woman,” approached the microphone to ask a question. At that time, the network’s Nia-Malika Henderson mispronounced her name, calling her “Shay,” and then asked, “What’s your question?” This prompted Diamond, who supports Mayor Pete Buttigieg, to reply: “Uh, it’s ‘Shee-a’ Diamond. Put that on record. Yes, honey, it’s violence to misgender or to alter a name of a trans person, so let’s always get that right first.”

Diamond wants to be called “She-a,” get it, honey? What a fraud. So, it’s violence to get a name wrong, but “women’s health care” when you want to kill your own baby? The left seems to believe that it should be illegal to mispronounce a transgender person's name, or more to the point, state the truth about someone’s gender, but there is a natural right to assault Trump supporters…and fetuses. Beam me up, Scotty.

It has been de rigueur for years now to take the Lord’s name in vain on most television shows and in nearly every movie. “G** D**nit!” and “Jesus C*****!” and their derivatives are ubiquitous. But don’t take the name of a trans person in vain! That would be inexcusable and, well, sacrilegious.