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  1. #1 I'm watching s discussion on MSNBC and the consensus is that Democrats not only 
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    Democrats and their propaganda force are out in force and the DUmmies eat it up.

    Atticus (6,399 posts)

    I'm watching s discussion on MSNBC and the consensus is that Democrats not only

    have a "smoking gun" with which to impeach Trump, they have a "smoking artillery range", but they have to "wait for the country to catch up".

    I'll just ask: what does this say about the intelligence of "the country"?


    It says they're SMART. Democrats have NOTHING but lies, hatred and 'it isn't a crime or an impeachable offense when a Democrat does it but it IS when a Republican does it'.

    Jack*sses wouldn't need for the 'country to catch up' if they had true crimes and corruption, rather than manufactured ones born out of hatred for President Trump for DARING to not only win the election but oppose Democrat efforts to intimidate and threat him into enacting their agenda.

    And daring to expose their crime and corruption.

    Democrats need time hoping their lies and all the fake scandals they throw might somehow stick. They won't even formally vote for an impeachment inquiry because that would give the Republicans the right to call witnesses and question witnesses and allow President Trump's attorney to do the same. Why won't they? Because it would be easily shown that they have NOTHING. They're hiding it and only leaking think that they want leaked and not exculpatory information. Jack*sses, just like they think Black people are too dumb, ignorant and lazy to get an ID for voting think that people don't see through their lies and corruption.

    That they will not censure Biden tells you they have learned nothing from the last election when they stuck up for corrupt Hillary. The corruption is front and center for all to see and Democrats think if they claim that 'it's been debunked' or 'there's nothing to it' that voters will be too dumb to see it for what it is.

    PatrickforO (9,315 posts)

    1. I suspect it says less about the intelligence of the country than it does

    about six major corporations owning all our media outlets, Citizens United and the massive growth of lobbies and dark money super pacs.

    If you give people inaccurate information, they will make an inaccurate decision based on that flawed viewpoint. That's the problem we have now, and so letting the hearings go on for a time should serve to 'catch the country up' by educating more people about what dirtbags the Republicans have become.
    CNN, MSNBC and many of the networks have certainly shown how dumb they are. They have LIED so much about President Trump that they are not longer believable or credible.

    DownriverDem (3,440 posts)

    28. They will catch up

    As with Watergate, the country supported impeachment as the hearings went along. The did not support impeaching Nixon at the beginning.
    And the media then did not spend more than 3 years LYING about Nixon, like they have Trump. EVERYONE knows they cannot be believed, and that they are nothing more than Democrat Propaganda. They also had something he did wrong, not just 'we hate him so we're going to do whatever we have to do to impeach him'.

    They go after education. Didn't you know it is REPUBLICANS who control the education system in the US and have intentionally dumbed down the education?

    not_the_one (483 posts)

    35. as has been said

    Americans are the most entertained, and the least educated citizens of the developed countries.

    Whether it is true or not can be debated, but it sure SOUNDS true. We may not know who our political representative is, but we sure know who is ahead on The Bachelor/ette (and opine as to whether they are a virgin, or not...), who the great sports teams are, and which videos have gone viral.

    As seen in other countries, when serious shit hits the fan, the people hit the streets. Not here. We should have been in the streets EVERY weekend since his royal turdness defiled our White House. EVERY weekend's march should have been as big as the one after his pathetically small inauguration.

    Corporate America's job in all this is to make sure we are CONSTANTLY seeing new, shiny objects to divert our attention from the ugly political under belly of making sure the little guy continues to make the rich, richer, while WE go into hock up to our eyeballs to HAVE that newest, shiniest object... They take that responsibility SERIOUSLY, to the bank.

    Yes, there are pockets of brilliant and educated Americans, but most Americans have now gone through a public education system that has, by Republican controlled school board's design, LIMITED art, humanities, music, critical thinking, civics, and TRIES TO PROMOTE creationism as science, revisited versions of history that are biased, even inaccurate (because THEY control much of the printing of textbooks).

    Republicans think long term, which is how they now control the basic education system (dumbing down the general populace), while at the same time they have managed to gerrymander their party into permanent control of state legislatures, when they DON'T receive the majority of the votes.

    With our proud "herding cats" identity, we can't manage to focus on anything long enough to get it accomplished.

    Our focus MUST be guided from the top. And we must be willing to face the challenges, not "keep our powder dry" for the battles that never seem to materialize...
    CrispyQ (26,895 posts)

    10. Back in the 80s the GOP focused on filling Boards of Education with right wingers.

    At the same time, they funded think tanks to craft their message & bought up radio stations to broadcast it. Forty years later pushing ignorance has paid off big time for them. The dems better have an artillery because the repubs have been playing the long game & they are playing for keeps.
    walkingman (1,626 posts)

    31. It is just another example that our education system in America is terrible. We used to be in the

    top 5 in almost every category and now rank in 25th-30th in the developed world and in math no higher than 30th. This has broad implications not just in politics. I'm not sure how we recover from the last 40 years of "dumbing down" but unless we do something things will continue to deteriorate. People might want to label those that value education as "elitist" but education is responsible for much of what we enjoy today. When you read that 40% of Americans cannot write a check for $400 for an emergency that should be a clear sign of huge problems we have in America.
    Jack*sses know they have ruined the education in the US with their insistance of 'sight words' making many kids illeterate, common core math which is idiot math meant to make learning math as difficult as possible even for the smart kids, and all the time teaching middle schoolers about sex and abortion, and all the diversity crap. Democrats have turned out schools into social programs to indoctrinate kids into leftist ideology instead of true education. And where there is a good school district they deliberately declare that there has to be "equity" - every one must have an equally bad education - and bus kids.

    It's no surprise the US education system is incredibly poor. The butt f*cking Left knows if kids are taught to think and reason they will see through their lies and indoctrination, and they have done everything to destroy it.
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    Says a vaping citizen soon to contract lung disease
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    walkingman: I'm not sure how we recover from the last 40 years of "dumbing down" but unless we do something things will continue to deteriorate.
    Pot calling the kettle black. Astonishing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Old White Man View Post
    Says a vaping citizen soon to contract lung disease
    Ha! Ha! ...

    You beat me to it! Was about to say "wonder what *he* is smoking?"

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