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I need to go back and find the article, but i thought I saw something about her son saying she had a pistol pointed at thw window ?

Video from the newscast quotes the police report saying the child told police they heard something outside, and she did get her personal handgun out. Officer screwed up by not identifying himself and shooting way too fast. I haven't found confirmation, but I've seen some claims that the call came in to a non-emergency line as a welfare check, but was sent out as an emergency call. Still doesn't excuse the poor choices by the officer.

The city council meeting was an unholy cluster. I listened to some of it live about 11:00 local time when they were still trying to let people have their say. The talking point "I live in Ft Worth, and I don't feel safe" was parroted constantly from black and white citizens, complaints of evil racist cops abounded, many complaints about the elected city council members not doing anything for a long time. Anyone I heard calling for slowing down and getting all the facts, or not blaming the FWPD as a whole were booed, lots of outbursts throughout, on the podium and from the crowd.

Several of those elected officials have been there for many years. If you don't like them, VOTE THEM OUT!!111!! Run for office your darn self and do something about these problems instead of flapping your gums. If the cops are so horrible, go fill out an application. Not finding Ft. Worth numbers, but I know Dallas PD is severely understaffed for several reasons, which doesn't excuse poor actions, but it does affect many of these issues. Stop blaming everything on race, stop acting on emotion, and start doing something to fix what you are griping about.