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  1. #1 What does the GOP get out of an official impeachment inquiry vote? 
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    What does the GOP get out of an official impeachment inquiry vote?

    Do GOP house members gain the ability to make a farce of the whole process or something? Like subpoena powers? Is that why they are asking for an official vote? Or are they just wanting to be able to point to a 100% no vote from the GOP and maybe a few Dems?

    If they get more powers to cause havoc does anyone have a source that outlines what they are?

    It kind of looks like to me that the "no house-wide vote" is what the Republican Senators plan to use as an excuse if there were to be impeachment charges on obstruction of Congress. I mean, they know that's bullshit, but even Mike Pence is using that excuse in his refusal to comply. Since the House can easily hold such a vote, it seems like the GOP must be expecting it to give them something very useful.

    Fairness. Something Dems say they believe in when it comes to taking money by force for their jack*ss programs or the so called "poor".

    Not so much when it involves refusing to accept a legitimately elected President and doing EVERYTHING including lying and framing him in order to take him down.

    Jack*sses say they're entitled to act like third world hell hole governments who solve political power struggles by lying about, framing, and using nefarious means to get rid of those they consider rivals and those who threaten their power. They shouldn't be surprised then if the Dem congress members/Dem President/Dem presidential nominee, etc. end up killed/assassinated by someone their hatred and corruption trigger since if we no longer have a Democracy and Democrats will do anything to regain power then anything goes.

    But Democrats KNOW THEY HAVE NOTHING but rumor, lies and innuendo and allowing Republicans to have subpoena power and allowing them to questions witnesses and have the information available to the public instead of hiding it and only leaking that which hides their corruption and looks bad for President Trump will show up their corruption, hate and show that they have NOTHING which to legitimately impeach him.
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    3. It's all bullshit stonewalling. They'll get a House-wide vote on the Articles of Impeachment.

    Let them make their sentiments known on the the actual Ariticles of Impeachment and stop the phony posturing on a vote that the Speaker doesn't have to hold as it's not required by the Constitution. She runs the House, not them.
    Democrats are just as complicit as Obama/Hillary/FBI/DOJ and their minions who have done everything they can to ILLEGALLY take down a legitimately elected President, and the longer this goes on and the deeper the cover up goes the more it looks like SEDITION and/or TREASON. Democrats complicity shows they are just as liable and just as likely to be indited and imprisoned or executed. As arrogant as they are that is the only thing to keep them from doing this again.

    Oh, and jack*sses? Given how Democrats have treated President Trump with their jack*ss so called "impeachment inquiry" (doing it in secret and not allowing the minority party to have any input or ability to call witnesses, question witnesses or to call those who would dispute the lies.) there's no need to allow ANY OF THEM to have a lawyer to mount a defense. We learned from Democrats that laws, fairness and the US Constitution doesn't matter. Third world hell holes don't allow it why should we since YOUR actions are the same?
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    Purple district candidates are completely stuck, stupid DUmmy. This is a giant political game. Bela Pelosi provides cover for those folks who might lose their seats by not holding a vote.
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    DUmmy imperialism seems to favor a rigged kangaroo court where the verdict is decided before the sham proceedings take place over a fair trial where both sides can present their case and the accused is presumed to be innocent.

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