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    SpongeBob perpetuates 'violent, racist' acts against indigenous people

    University professor deemed the beloved cartoon "SpongeBob Squarepants" "violent," "racist," and "insidious" in a scholarly article.

    University of Washington professor Holly Barker published her musings on the yellow sponge cartoon character and his deep-sea pals in an academic journal called The Contemporary Pacific: A Journal of Island Affairs, which features "readable" articles focused on "social, economic, political, ecological, and cultural topics."

    "SpongeBobís presence on

    Bikini Bottom continues the violent and racist expulsion of Indigenous peoples from their lands"
    In her article titled "Unsettling SpongeBob and the Legacies of Violence on Bikini Bottom," Barker's chief complaint hinges on her perception that the show's fictional setting of the town of Bikini Bottom is based on the nonfictional Bikini Atoll, a coral reef in the Marshall Islands used by the U.S. military for nuclear testing during the Cold War.
    I might opine the name Barker is correct in several senses of the word.
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    I have never really watched the show. My nieces loved it when they were little. A lot of kids I work with still love it.

    My sister thought it was cute the first time through all the episodes. By the time the girls outgrew it, she found it to be the most irritating show she'd ever seen. But she never thought it was racist.
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    Spongebob is a lot of things. Stupid. Mind numbing. Annoying. A sorry excuse for children's entertainment. But racist? Methinks someone spent a little too long holding their breath to study Bikini Bottom first hand.

    On the other hand, if declaring Spongebob racist erases it from the culture, that might not be a bad thing.
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    Leave it to liberals to turn an innocuous show with no social message, simply entertainment into somehow an important statement on politics.
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