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    How embarrassing is it when you produce a horror movie based on global warming and when the time comes to release it, the planet is experiencing some of the coldest weather in decades? Such is the case with The Thaw starring Val Kilmer. Filmed in Canada last summer, it should be ready for release by now but even though the trailer has been produced, no specific release date has been announced. Perhaps the producers realize how much of a laughingstock this movie would become if a movie based on the premise of global warming were released when their potential audience is freezing. Here is a description of The Thaw from Dread Central:

    The Thaw will be produced by Anagram Pictures, the same team behind Andrew Currie's badass debut Fido, with directing duties being handled by Mark A. Lewis. The story is about a group of ecological students who discover that a prehistoric parasite has come back to life after a woolly mammoth is defrosted and their race to stop the bug from infecting the entire world, even as they themselves fall victim to it.
    We learned this week that The Thaw is finally getting ready to shoot in mid-June and that Val Kilmer (yes, that Val Kilmer) and Superbad's Martha McIsaac have both signed on to the film! This brings The Thaw to a whole new level of respectability since you don't attract that kind of talent with some throwaway script.

    That's sad, a good comedy would have taken everyone's mind off the unusually cold weather. :D
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    I saw the trailer for this movie a couple of months ago. I had zero interest in seeing then and zero interest in seeing now.
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    I have no interest in seeing ANY movie with global warming included amongst it's themes.
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