Idiots claim that their lies and opinions about President Trump are "facts". LOL.

Atticus (6,432 posts)

Some "inconvenient truths" for the dead-enders who STILL support Trump:

-he is a liar;

-he is a racist;

-he is a sexual predator;

-he is willfully ignorant;

-he is cruel;

-he is unjustifiably arrogant;

-he is irresponsible;

-he is impulsive;

-he is greedy;

-he is a coward;

-he is a criminal;

-this is an incomplete list.

All the above are FACTS. Most informed citizens now acknowledge them as such. Trump has not only admitted many of the above facts, he is openly proud of them.

IF ANY OF YOU STILL CARE,---"THIS"---is what you wear around your necks each time you put your disgusting MAGA caps on your heads. I, for one, will never "forget and forgive". Yes, I will "move on", but it will be without you---any of you--- in my life.


-he is a liar; I've seen their list of "lies". Most of it consists of idiots deliberately taking him literally when he's obviously using hyperbole or joking, or nit picking - Trump says it happened 3 times, idiots claim he lied because it happened 4 times. Meanwhile they ignore that Obama REPEATEDLY said that 'if you liked your insurance you could keep your insurance, and if you liked your doctor you could keep your doctor" KNOWING he was lying.

-he is a racist; Right. The old Democrat go to when they 1. want to disparage someone 2. need to lie to make sure that their Black "slaves" don't vote for a Republican.

-he is a sexual predator; And yes, that's becoming nothing more than a liberal smear they reserve for those they are most afraid of. They started with less serious accusations and each time it didn't 'work to get rid of him' they made a more serious accusation. Given how Democrats were willing to believe the unhinged, wacko accusations against Kavanaugh it's clear that we cannot believe Democrats when they make accusations against Republicans they hate.

-he is willfully ignorant; Meaning he doesn't agree with Democrats and doesn't do what they demand

-he is cruel; Again, He doesn't agree with Democrats and doesn't cave to their wailing and gnashing of teeth and doesn't give in when Democrats demand he do something claiming it's for xyz.

-he is unjustifiably arrogant;
If that were an impeachable offense or a crime OBAMA would be impeached and/or in jail and would have been since the first month of his presidency.

-he is irresponsible; He doesn't do what Democrats demand

-he is impulsive; That's not true, but even if it is SO WHAT.

-he is greedy; Liberal speak for "we hate him". They claim this all the time but they have no evidence of it other than their rumors, lies and innuendo.

-he is a coward; Liberal speak for "we hate him". They claim this all the time but they have no evidence of it other than their rumors, lies and innuendo.

-he is a criminal;
Right. He's sooooo much of a "criminal" that the Mueller investigation found NOTHING, and all the investigations by Democrats have found NOTHING to use to impeach him with.

So really it all boils down to "We hate Trump" and since WE have no way to get rid of him we'll do everything we can to convince Republicans that he is a criminal and needs to be impeached and convicted.

Bettie (7,377 posts)

2. The problem is

that the MAGATs know this. All of it.

They just don't care at all. They love him FOR these things.

He's what they aspire to.
Awwww. Republicans KNOW that what Democrats have done is try to criminalize things that are not a crime hoping that they will run with it and get rid of him. And Democrats don't like it.

N_E_1 for Tennis (3,546 posts)

6. Sorry but all your words...

While correct, means nothing to them, nothing. If anything itís makes their devotion to him stronger. They care little about facts.

If I say what I feel is going to happen this election cycle Iíd be trashed in a second.

I hope Iím wife tells me I am numerous times about everything. Trying for a little lightness here.
There are no "facts" there......just hate and opinion.

certainot (5,928 posts)

8. americans can hang all this shit around their necks at the same time by associating him with

what got trump and them to this point - by associating him with limbnbaugh

republicans who are finally starting to regret this disaster know who to blame but if they're in media or politics and don't want to get death threats they can't say it in public. so they let democrats keep blaming fox - a symptom, and a small player that itself is beginning to falter in it's support for trump

by recognizing that trump is a talk radio creation and heavily dependent on limnbaugh -- his (and guiliani's) friend, golf partner and neighbor in palm beach - to excuse him, police all other talk radio hosts, and attack his critics to millions 15 hrs a day, democrats can destroy trump's ability to keep republican senators in line. with limnbaugh exposed and challenged, GOP senators will be much more likely to convict in the senate.
Right. If they could just BAN (or better yet make it illegal) all outlets that discuss conservative values and thought then DEMOCRATS would WIN.