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  1. #1 Democrats see impeachment proceedings taking longer than some initially expected 
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    Democrats see impeachment proceedings taking longer than some initially expected

    (CNN)House Democrats are facing a time crunch to quickly wrap up their investigation into allegations President Donald Trump abused his office in pushing Ukraine to probe his political rivals, prompting growing expectations that votes on impeaching Trump could slip closer to the end of the year.

    Some Democrats had hoped that a narrow probe -- focused on whether Trump put on ice efforts to bolster relations with Ukraine and provide US military aid to the country until it carried through with a political favor -- could conclude swiftly, with a potential vote to impeach Trump by Thanksgiving.

    But that has proven to be more complicated than it initially seemed, according to multiple Democratic lawmakers and sources. The reason: Each witness has so far provided more leads for investigators to chase down, including new names to potentially interview or seek documents from. Plus, Democrats have had to reschedule several witnesses, including some this week in part because of memorial services for the late Rep. Elijah Cummings, and others because they needed more time to retain lawyers.

    Plus, there are several more time-consuming steps as part of the probe, potentially trying to bring in big names like former national security adviser John Bolton, then holding public hearings before a report they're expected to write with recommendations all before any votes in the House.

    Well, no shit. Trump keeps committing crimes.
    Of course they do.



    And for all their lies and talk they have NOTHING to impeach him with that remotely resembles "high crimes and misdemeanors". Sure they can impeach for less, but the voters will not look favorably on them for impeaching him or anyone based on hate and their feelings of entitlement to power.

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    1. The impeachment of tRUMP is like walking on the beach and picking up a grain of sand to

    examine it then realizing there's millions more grains to study. Gonna take some time...
    Right. Because they have NOTHING. They've been claiming for at least 2 years that they had evidence to impeach him with. Yet they do nothing but lie, and strut their hatred, rumors and innuendo hoping SOMETHING will stick or that they will be able to turn up SOMETHING that he has done that is actually illegal vs. their claims.

    Jack*sses think people are too dumb to understand the truth of what is happening. That's true for some unhinged leftists - the rest know the truth but don't care; all they care about is winning no matter what they have to do, but for the majority of people it is not true.

    And just like with the 2016 election they can shame people to keep them from claiming they are voting for President Trump, but when they are in the voting booth they vote for the person they want as President - President Trump. They can overwhelm the airwaves with their lies but people know who and what the Democrats are.
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    3. Don't see what the hurry is

    The longer the pressure is applied, the more crimes Trump will commit and the more unstable he'll become. It is only a matter of time before he physically assaults someone.
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    the democrat plan is to have President Trump being "impeached" a year from now so it can be their campaign issue. Since a large percentage of the population are headline readers, the democrat party are betting that misleading headlines and fraudulent statements like adam schitts version of the transcript of the call the the President made with Zelinski will drive voters away from casting a ballot for President Trump.
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    Impeachment proceedings will continue until November 2020 if the democrats lose the House and January 2025 if they retain control of the House PERIOD
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