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  1. #1 Pelosi releases 'fact sheet' saying Trump has 'betrayed his oath of office' 
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    Pelosi releases 'fact sheet' saying Trump has 'betrayed his oath of office'

    Source: The Hill

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) office on Monday released a "fact sheet" laying out what Democrats believe is their most compelling evidence to date against President Trump in their investigation of the president's efforts to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate a domestic political rival.

    "President Trump has betrayed his oath of office, betrayed our national security and betrayed the integrity of our elections for his own personal political gain," the document states in laying out how Democrats are likely to try to make their case in the impeachment inquiry.

    The four-page document divides the narrative into three categories: the "shakedown," "the pressure campaign" and "the cover up."

    The document first cites the rough transcript released by the White House last month of the July 25 call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. In that call, Trump told Zelensky that he would have his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and Attorney General William Barr reach out to "get to the bottom" of "a lot of talk" about the business dealings of former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden.

    Read more:


    There is PROOF that Biden was USING HIS POSITION as Vice President to enrich his son. THAT is CORRUPTION.

    The DUmbf*ck Party thinks that they can claim that INVESTIGATING REAL CORRUPTION, IF IT INVOLVES DEMOCRAT CORRUPTION, is not allowed because it is an "abuse of power". So therefore Democrats can be as CORRUPT as they want because they NEVER hold their corrupt PIGS to the standards they demand of others, and Republicans cannot investigate them because it's an 'abuse of power' to investigate the opposition.

    If that's the case then the Jack*ss Democrats should be thrown out of congress for abuse of power as they investigate President Trump. It's an abuse of power for them to do so. Claims of 'congressional oversight' is irrelevant when there is abuse of say the jack*sses.

    It's NOT an abuse of power to investigate ACTUAL CORRUPTION and PROOF that BIDEN WAS CORRUPT will have to be allowed into any trial in the senate. They can spout off about how it was OK for Biden to threaten to pull loan guarantees from Ukraine if they didn't fire the investigator who was investigating Hunter Biden and Burisma, but President Trump simply requesting they investigate corruption in the 2016 election and Biden and his son is "abuse of power". But during a senate trial the double standards will be front and center.
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    6. Here's a link to the fact sheet

    (PDF file)
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    11. Experience we can trust! NANCY PELOSI ROCKS!!! She knows what she's doing!

    She is owed SO MANY apologies... especially by punks who've insulted her in so many ugly ways.
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    12. Just keep hammering that wall and it will eventually yield

    at the most vulneranble moment! Pelosi is either a genius or has the best strategic team ever. When this is all said and done, THIS lady and THIS period will be written about for centuries.
    In other words, just keep lying, eventually they'll give up or we'll get it in front of our corrupt lawyers and judges and we'll win.
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    Isn't a fact sheet supposed to be based on facts?

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    Since when has Bella PIGlosi given a damn about her oath of office? She's violated hers since day one of her time in the House.
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    What a 4 page joke of cherry picked

    This is a complete waste of time but
    go right ahead Democratics. When the
    American voters see you for what you
    scum are, November 2020 will be epic.

    May the FORCE be with you!
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