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  1. #1 The primitive thought processes of Donald Trump and his allies 
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    If you want to read something laughingly ridiculous this is for you.

    Liberals often "diagnose" conservatives under the guise of 'science' which really is nothing more than BIGOTRY and jumping to conclusions about conservatives and then using those conclusions to 'diagnose' conservatives.

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    The primitive thought processes of Donald Trump and his allies

    In his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman invites us to consider the following person:

    An individual has been described by a neighbor as follows: “Steve is very shy and withdrawn, invariably helpful but with little interest in people or in the world of reality. A meek and tidy soul, he has a need for order and structure and a passion for detail.” Is Steve more likely to be a librarian or a farmer?

    Set your answer aside for a moment and consider the following task: without recourse to a calculator, multiply the numbers 17 and 24.

    If you are like most people, you concluded, without much effort, that Steve is more suited to the job of librarian than farmer and therefore that is his likelier employment. The number you came up with when multiplying 17 by 24, after some not inconsiderable effort, was 408. You probably found the first task pleasant and easy, the second task at least a bit difficult. It may surprise you to learn that most people are wrong about Steve. There are 20 times more male farmers in the United States than male librarians, and since a “meek and tidy soul” is not a disqualifying qualification for a farmer, Steve was much more likely, statistically speaking, to be a farmer than a librarian. Chances are you got the multiplication problem right because you know the method for multiplying numbers together and, even if you didn’t like the process, whether you did it in your head or with a pencil, you arrived at the correct conclusion.

    This explains the reason we can't get through to Trump and his cult45: they think like preschool children!
    The way the jack*ss comes to this conclusion?

    System 1 thinking is fast thinking, intuitive, often the immediate kind of thinking we refer to as “common sense.” We have evolved System 1 thinking because it’s useful in survival scenarios where life and death may depend on quick thinking and where there is no time to ponder. [System 1 thinking is often resistant to reason.] System 2 thinking is more deliberate, rational, dependent on careful planning or known paths of problem solving and reasoning.
    Readers tend to be good at System 2 thinking.
    Donald Trump is not a reader, so it comes as no surprise to any psychologist acquainted with the theory that Trump is almost exclusively a System 1 thinker. So are his allies and followers. Readers and educated people are rare among his supporters, but where they exist the secret to their survival lies in that when they are thinking about Trump they almost wholly abandon their System 2 and rely almost exclusively on their System 1 thinking.
    There's no proof to any of that. It's jack*ss lore that President Trump isn't a reader, as is that "readers and educated people are rare among his supporters".

    It's nothing but JACK*SS BIGOTRY and HATE.

    If a criticism could be made of Barack Obama, it might be said that he is so comfortable with System 2 thinking that he may have been slightly out of touch with a System 1 audience. Obama is a brilliant man, and just as Einstein spoke of “the pleasure of pure thought,” or just as Isaac Newton could hold a complicated mathematical conundrum in his mind for hours and maintain a laser focus, Obama loves the challenges and joys of System 2. It was this ability that made him so effective a president. It also made it easier for him to see when he was wrong and fix it.
    Right. The Jack*ss who hid all of his educational records was "brilliant".

    THIS is what Democrats consider SCIENCE. LOL. (Even as they IGNORE the SCIENCE that an unborn baby is a LIVING HUMAN CHILD, not a blob of cells.)

    Donald Trump’s almost complete lack of ability to use System 2 thinking is not the reason why he and his administration are in such a mess. His criminal instincts and a lifetime of cheating and lying got him there. We can therefore be thankful that he’s bad at System 2 thinking. He’s only where he is because, despite his being an inept thinker and a mediocrity, he began his life with a half billion dollar advantage. It is our good fortune that he doesn’t know how to reason critically. It is a vestige of my own System 1 thinking to hope that, in that sense, our good luck continues to hold.
    They're certainly not shy about announcing their idiocy.

    And yes it's the "Palmer Report", but then Democrat jack*ssery these days is right at that level.
    OBAMA'S H1N1 VIRUS: From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1)pdm09 virus.
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    I'll give the liberals this, they cannot stop coming up with even more surprising shit. Each more laughable than the last.
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    They all will be devastated 20/20 and have left no wiggle room for themselves, they will crash and burn like a tissue paper
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