Corrections Department: James Earl Reed executed...GOD have nercy on his soul !

COLUMBIA, SC - The Corrections Department announced that James Earl Reed was executed at 11:27pm Friday. The execution comes after the South Carolina 4th Circuit Court of Appeals granted the Corrections Department permission to proceed with the execution. Just minutes before his previously scheduled 6pm execution, Reed was granted a stay of execution by US District Court Judge Henry Floyd.

According to the order from the US District Court, Attorney Diana Holt wrote that the execution violated Reed's right to have an attorney at trial, his right to be free of cruel and unusual punishment and his right to..snip
An attorney for death row inmate James Earl Reed says his client made a fatal mistake in choosing to represent himself at trial.

Attorney Joe Savitz says Reed likely would not be facing the electric chair on Friday had he not fired his attorney and represented himself at trial. Reed has made similar arguments in court appeals, but the state Supreme Court ruled he had been warned about the dangers of being his own lawyer.

Reed was the first inmate executed by the electric chair since 2004.

Reed had been on death row since 1996, when he was convicted for murdering Joseph and Barbara Lafayette, his ex-girlfriend's parents.