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    applegrove (90,160 posts) Diplomat Said Trump's Policy Was Itself Corrupt

    Diplomat Said Trumpís Policy Was Itself Corrupt

    November 7, 2019 at 3:02 pm EST By Taegan Goddard 82 Comments


    House Democrats released the transcript of George Kentís testimony, a senior diplomat who told the impeachment probe that President Trumpís anti-corruption campaign in Ukraine was itself corrupt, The Hill reports.

    Kent ďvoiced concern about Rudy Giulianiís contacts with Ukraine as early as March of this year, which prompted a supervisor to warn him to lay low.Ē

    Kent will testify publicly next week.


    Obama and Biden's "anti-corruption" plan was to take advantage of the corruption to fill their bank accounts.

    President Trump's anti-corruption was to ACTUALLY investigate and expect not only that Ukraine and US governmental officials be held accountable if they WERE corrupt but to put an end to the corruption.

    Democrats/liberals/deep staters who think THEY should be in power couldn't have that so they accuse him of corruption with no evidence even as they deny and ignore their own filthy corruption.
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    And I believe the coming charges against the obama crowd is purposely being slow walked to bring them to their knees at the right time. msm will have no choice but to run with it and there are millions of idiots out there that have been completely brain f cked and have had no real news but only the tripe the coup machines wanted them to see or hear. The people are so stupid they actually believe all the tripe even when their pay checks have increased and taxes lowered. Unless of course they live in California and the east coast states where taxes are being raised and possibly to make it look like they have been listening to the truth. NOT!!!
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