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  1. #1 Of COURSE he didn't, he is a grown up... 
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    This shows the jack*sses/Democrats for their inability to do critical thinking or for their evilness.

    Soph0571 (5,584 posts) Of COURSE he didn't, he is a grown up...

    I sometimes think comparisons between Trump and Obama are not useful because of course President Obama would never have behaved the way Trump behaves because... well everything really, where would you start...comparing them on anything is not just apples and oranges but rocket ships and a horse and buggy.

    However as we all miss the President and sometimes to be reminded of the good old days when a grown up was in charge is a good thing...


    The Jack*ss PIGS compare asking Obama for his birth certificate AFTER his aunt says she was present at his birth in Kenya, and the publicist touting new authors stated in his bio that he was born in Africa and generalized dislike of Obama with Trump reacting to the constant hatred by the left and their USING OUR INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES TO SPY ON A HIM, A POLITICAL OPPONENT.

    There is no comparison. Obama ought to be strung up by his neck for sedition for what he did and approved of during the last election and the results of that that continue to today. Just like Comey, Brennan, Hillary and a number or others should be.

    FM123 (4,606 posts)

    1. I miss him so much!

    Every. Single. Day.
    The more corrupt the Democrat the more they love 'em.
    Perseus (3,316 posts)
    7. Me too...

    We need to get rid of the Electoral College, its working against us.
    Ahhh yes, the bell weather for the corrupt. If you lose, change the system or cheat, no matter what you have to do.
    FakeNoose (12,884 posts)

    4. K & R Love this!

    You always find the good ones, Soph!

    Yep, it gives the DUmmies orgies even though it's comparing apples to oranges.

    panfluteman (1,025 posts)

    6. JUST THINK - As the First Black President, Obama Had to Behave Ten Times Better

    Than any ole white boy, just to get by in the public spotlight and make the grade. He was also supremely conscious of being a good role model for any other black or ethnic minority president who would come after him, and he knew that the eyes of the whole nation, and indeed the whole world, were upon him. Although the contrast between Obama and his successor is the most extreme, Obama was also a heckuva lot better president than his predecessor as well.
    He's a passive aggressive PIG. That's nothing to be "proud of".

    StarfishSaver (6,250 posts)
    13. He didn't do it BECAUSE he was black, but being black, he probably had much of this instilled in him

    from birth.

    Black families are usually very cognizant of the need to teach their children that they must be smarter, better behaved, more principled, etc. because we know we don't have the same room for error that white people have. He couldn't screw up for his first 40 years and still hope to be president of the United States as his predecessor did or behave like a pig his entire life and still get in the White House (where he STILL behaves like a pig) like his successor. He had to be practically perfect in every way from birth in order to just be taken seriously.

    I assume that white families raising black children also are aware of this. I have no doubt that Obama's family would have raised any child to be exceptional, but they probably took special care to make sure Barack had the tools he needed to navigate and thrive in the world. and among those tools were a heightened vigilance and extraordinary skill sets.

    But I agree with you. He did all of those things, not because he's black, but because he is a profoundly decent man.
    Eliot Rosewater (22,377 posts)

    26. 8 yrs of Obama and 30 years of Hillary and NOT ONE actual scandal. NOT ONE
    They are truly deluded. Or simply evil jack*sses totally willing to accept corruption within their ranks.
    OBAMA'S H1N1 VIRUS: From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1)pdm09 virus.
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    I read that NO scandal comment choked on my coffee
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Old White Man View Post
    I read that NO scandal comment choked on my coffee
    Iím beginning to believe what our beloved Elspeth has said. These people are paid to post this tripe on the web. You would have to ignore the Sun coming up to believe this shit.
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    7. Me too...

    We need to get rid of the Electoral College, its working against us.
    Or you could start running candidates who appeal to mainstream America rather than just the coastal elites.

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