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  1. #1 Bombshell Impeachment Testimony Shows Trump Let Russia Run America's Ukraine Policy 
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    It's a BOMBSHELL!!!11!!

    (Don't tell the DUmmies, but if this is "treason" and worthy of impeachment and worse then they have just ensured that Obama faces EXECUTION for TREASON.)

    babylonsister (162,317 posts) Bombshell Impeachment Testimony Shows Trump Let Russia Run America's Ukraine Policy

    Bombshell Impeachment Testimony Shows Trump Let Russia Run America’s Ukraine Policy

    New testimony from Catherine Croft, a former White House official, shows that Donald Trump and Mick Mulvaney were essentially letting Russia run America’s policy toward Ukraine during the first year Trump was in office.

    As The Daily Beast reported on Monday, citing Croft’s testimony, “Under Mick Mulvaney’s leadership, the Office of Management and Budget temporarily put a hold on the delivery of anti-tank missiles to Ukraine in 2017 because of concerns their arrival would upset Russia.”

    Kyle Griffin
    Via key Catherine Croft excepts: OMB placed a separate, earlier hold on Javelin missiles because Mick Mulvaney was concerned that "Russia would react negatively to the provision of Javelins to Ukraine," despite the fact that "all of the other policy agencies were in support."
    6:50 PM · Nov 11, 2019·

    The Daily Beast notes that Croft called the move “highly unusual.”

    More from the report:

    Croft told congressional impeachment investigators that after the Trump administration greenlit the delivery of Javelin missiles to Ukraine in late 2017—the first delivery of lethal aid to the country since Russian separatists seized territory in its Eastern region in 2014—Mulvaney’s office held it up.

    “Did you understand why?” asked the congressional staffer questioning her.

    “I understood the reason to be a policy one,” she replied.

    “What was the policy one?”

    “In a briefing with Mick Mulvaney, the question centered around the Russian reaction,” she continued.

    “What was the concern about the Russian reaction?” asked the staffer.

    “That Russia would react negatively to the provision of Javelins to Ukraine,” she said.

    Trump has repeatedly shown that he is beholden to Russia


    The FIRST, huh? SINCE 2014? So why didn't OBAMA send weapons? He refused to. TREASON. Shoot him!!!!

    Oh!!! Remember this?

    The Pentagon seems poised to announce on Thursday an end to a missile defense program that until now had infuriated Russians and piqued concern among Eastern Europeans.

    The decision — one Pentagon officials said "had nothing to do with Russia" — is still likely to curry favor within Moscow, which attributed a recent thawing of relations with the United States in part to the proposed missile defense shield.

    "We will announce that we are making a major adjustment to our European missile defense system that is designed to protect our forces and our friends in Europe from the growing Iranian short- and medium-term missile threat," Geoff Morrell, the Pentagon's press secretary, told reporters Thursday morning.

    First envisioned by the Bush administration, the missile defense program would have placed interceptors in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic to stave off any nuclear threat posed by Iran. Then-Russian President Vladmir Putin, however, was a chief opponent of the idea, insisting at the time that the United States's proposed shield was little more than regional politicking too close to his state's borders.
    Yea, right, it "had nothing to do with Russia". Remember Obama and Hillary's Russia "reset" button? Obama was Russia's butt boy. TREASON! HANG HIM.

    Stuart G (23,793 posts)

    2. K and R for exposure, If everyone read this, it might prove Russian intervention in U.S. policy by

    traitor Donald Trump.. Everyone needs to know Trump is a traitor
    Obama is a traitor. Send the Jack*ss to the electric chair !!!
    Kid Berwyn (1,617 posts)

    8. Treason

    Is what traitors do.
    Well Obama certainly did.
    crickets (4,190 posts)

    16. Yep, it's treason.

    I don't think we're just talking about election funny business any more, or even extortion and bribery.

    The Rubicon has been crossed.
    yaesu (2,360 posts)

    11. tRump & the GOP is letting russia run everything. nt
    Greg K (529 posts)

    12. Nancy Pelosi was right, all roads lead to Putin.
    ONLY when they first go through Hillary and the Jack*ss Party.

    evertonfc (355 posts)

    27. my fear is

    that no one is paying attention
    Why would they? Democrats LIE, all the time. And they accuse others of what THEY THEMSELVES DO and HAVE DONE as a distraction.
    Liberals are divorced from reality and they think it's great. When you live in la la land you're never wrong, it's always the other person/groups fault and you can believe what you want to believe and call it 'truth'.
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    Nothing later anywhere than 16-hours ago on google... except ta DAaaaa, politicsusa from 14-hours ago. Some 'bombshell'.
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