Doesn't this just say everything you need to know about Democrats/liberals?

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Crowd Chants Lock Him Up At Trump At Veterans Day Parade

From the article:

Outside of a trip to Alabama, Trump has been booed and faced chants of lock him up anytime he shows his face in public. Trump has increased his public appearances as he appears to be trying to demonstrate his popularity. The plan is backfiring, because every time Trump shows up in front of a non-handpicked audience, or outside of a red state, the eagerness of a majority of Americans to get him out of office is confirmed.
The more Trump appears in public the more popular impeachment becomes.

To read more, and watch a video:


Republicans chant "lock her up" at a CAMPAIGN RALLY.

Democrats/liberals chant "lock him up" at a VETERANS DAY PARADE. And they're PROUD of it. Pretty much says it all. Democrats have no respect for veterans. It's just hate, every day.

And if the idiots think that because they get their little "clubs" together to attend places President Trump is at to boo him means 'the tide is turning' they are sadly mistaken.