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  1. #1 RBG is sick today, evidently. If anything happens to her and rump/putin/mcconnell 
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    RBG is sick today, evidently. If anything happens to her and rump/putin/mcconnell

    get to put another piece of shit on the SC i wont be able to NOT scream obscenities at EVERYONE who bad mouthed Hillary in 2016 or continues to.

    So many will suffer if this happens.

    So fucking furious.


    The impeachment hearing is going to do the opposite of Nixon's. Nixon's sort of brought the nation together, not really as there were still many cons who insisted he was great and dems are the enemy, blah blah blah. But the overall atmosphere was he was guilty and had to go.

    This time the more PROOF of rump's guilt the MORE the right will resist justice and the worse it gets for the nation.


    LOL. Democrats have been determined to impeach President Trump, and have lied over and over again about him. But according to this idiot not buying into their lies and hate and impeaching President Trump is "resisting justice".

    And RBG? LOL.

    Three Supreme Court Picks.................Karma for all the lies, hate and not accepting the results of a legitimate election?
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