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  1. #1 Parents Furious to Find Schools Using App to Track Kids in the Bathroom 
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    here is no doubt we are living in increasingly Orwellian times. Most of us are not surprised when it is revealed that yet another government agency is spying on us in yet another way. Being surveilled nearly everywhere we go (and even in our own homes) has become the norm. And if it isnít government agencies doing the spying, it is Big Tech companies. It seems like every day we are told about another privacy violation coming from Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Recently it was announced that Big Tech and government are forming an unholy dystopian alliance called HARPA that will use companies including Google, Amazon, and Apple to collect data on users who exhibit characteristics of mental illness that could lead to ďviolent behavior.Ē

    Side note: If you think that avoiding the use of social media platforms will keep you safe from Big Techís prying eyes, Iíve got bad news for you.

    chools Ė once a place where children went to learn Ė have increasingly become Big Government indoctrination centers. One way in which this is becoming painfully evident is in the surveillance methods implemented by public schools.

    This morning, I read a headline that sent chills down my spine:

    Unknown philosopher at a St. Patrick's Day celebration 1967

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    When I was in high school, one of the vice principals was a woman, so she would just raid the girls' restrooms regularly to prevent smoking and bullying. One of the male VPs did the same thing with the boys' restrooms. It seemed to work pretty well.
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    I've heard about this in the recent past, and am a bit torn about it. All that data goes somewhere, usually to multiple databases, where it is mined for numerous purposes. I am not a fan of this. Anything you sign into attaches your name and other identifiers to that data, which means is someone accesses the app, they get your information.

    On the other hand, most of the dirt in a school setting goes on in the restrooms, just like in the prisons I've worked in. In our huge schools, it's impossible to see which students are in the bathroom every period, either wasting time or doing other stuff they shouldn't be doing. My district recently sent out a notice to teachers to be watching for students getting messages then saying they needed to go to the restroom. Fights, deals, and other illicit activities were being organized by text messages. An electronic check in system like this can help track patterns, as well as see who all was possibly involved in those activities.

    My little disciplinary campus has a strict restroom schedule, started primarily as we, the teachers, shared that some students were going to the bathroom every period, missing out on most of their class time. One of the most common arguments I have with students is not letting the go if it's not our turn. But again, that type of scheduling is not an option when classes have 20-35 students at a time.

    I see both sides of the coin, and see good points and bad points on each. The issues with the app slightly outweigh the pros, but it's a slim margin. Maybe just have an in school system where teachers are marking restroom breaks that can be used if patterns or issues arise.
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    To bad their not in San Francisco, they could just take care of their business in the halls.
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