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    Devil's in the details, as always. Three of four state senate seats went to republicans, fourteen of twenty three state house of representative seats also went republican. Same with Kentucky, most of the other elections besides governor went Republican. Does this mean the fraudsters only focused on the gubernatorial race, does it mean locals just didn't like the republican candidates for governor in both cases, but did like the R candidates in other races? I don't know, but as usual, there is much more to the story than the lame-stream media wants to tell, and more than many low information voters want to be bothered with.
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    When it comes to governors, Louisiana had Democrat governors from 1877-1980. After that, there has only been 3 Republican governors of Louisiana. Same with Kentucky, no Republican has ever been re-elected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by old dog View Post
    I can't even turn on Fox News for background noise today. I might hear Chris Wallace say "This might be trouble for the President ...", with a smirk on his face. I would
    When Chris Wallace comes on, I either turn off the TV or change channels. Also can't stand that smirk.

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