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  1. #1 Teacher Defends Drag Queen at School, Condemns ‘Bigoted’ Parents 
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    A teacher reportedly defended the presence of a drag queen during a high school class with a Facebook post in which he asserted the parents who objected are “bigoted” and “should not have the final say” in raising their own children.

    English teacher Anthony Lane, of Willis Independent School District (WISD) High School in Texas, reportedly removed his Facebook post in which he defended another teacher’s decision to host a drag queen in the high school’s cosmetology class to offer makeup tips. Lane sharply criticized parents who complained about the drag queen’s presence without their knowledge.

    Faithwire posted a screenshot of Lane’s post before it was allegedly removed.

    The screenshot reportedly shows Lane posted on October 26 that he is “both a parent and a teacher.”

    “Our society is very sensitive when it comes to criticizing parents, and teachers are often afraid of parents because they are given so much authority,” he reportedly wrote and continued:
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    There are probably specific issues with drag queens regarding skin and hair treatment that the rest of us don't know about. It should be covered in a cosmetology class because it's going to be an issue in the work place. I had a white friend who learned to do black hair in cosmetology school to make himself more marketable.

    The teacher should have told the parents and even invited them to observe the class that day- having parents present would keep it about the cosmetology and not the lifestyle. It's high school kids who watch RuPaul's Drag Race, not little kids in the public library.
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    why does the left feel the need to expose kids to these freaks who are a fraction of the total percentage of the population? Let kids be kids and stop trying to prematurely end their innocence.
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