Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) again iterated his now well-worn “I wrote the damn plan” when Medicare for All was brought up in the most recent Democrat debate. The fact that he wrote it has been a self-inflicted thorn in Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) side since she signed on to Bernie’s Medicare for All plan early in her campaign.

Sanders, not initially honest about his goal of taxing every American at every income level above poverty, finally admitted that yes, his “Medicare for All” plan will increase taxes on America’s middle classes. This put Warren in a bind.

She had been insisting that the middle class would not see a tax increase, but Bernie supporters and various leftstream media outlets started pressing the issue. Just how was Warren going to pay for her extravagant Medicare for All plan without raising taxes as Bernie insisted was necessary?

So she rolled out a disastrous Medicare for All plan that has regressives cringing, the right laughing, and independents fleeing in droves.

She is stuck with her early embrace of Bernie’s Medicare for All, so let’s take a look at where one of his “model” countries is in terms of its vaunted (by Bernie) healthcare system.


Why is Finland’s healthcare system failing my family?