The Hill published a veritable puff piece on House Intelligence Committer Chairman Adam Schiff on Saturday in which it described him as a “progressive rock star.”

“But it is precisely Shiff’s sober demeanor and steady hand guiding the two-month impeachment investigation — including two weeks of televised public hearings — that have made him a national political figure, a household name and unlikely progressive rock star,” the piece reads.

It drew immediate criticism, not to mention a notable Twitter ratio, because the notion of Schiff being any sort of star — save for perhaps a “death star” designed to destroy things — just didn’t sit well with some in the public.

Some argued he’s too much of a jerk to be any sort of star, suggested that he’s so boring he puts people to sleep like the drug Ambien and bemoaned the death of rock and roll.

Others argued that for a “progressive rock star,” the congressman has done much to boost President Donald Trump’s chances of reelection.