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  1. #1 Russia said the world no longer trusts the US to lead. 
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    Is there any truth to that statement? Why would the world lose trust in the US to begin with and who would take their place?

    There is a lot of truth in that statement.

    This is also seen as a positive thing by many Americans. Many of them have been hoping that some other country would pick up the “world leader” baton, so that America can focus on domestic problems instead.

    It’s difficult to give a damn about your country’s status as world leader when your personal situation is just getting worse. “The world doesn’t trust your country to be the world leader anymore,” the non-American says to the American who is working two jobs just to pay the bills, can’t keep a stable relationship because of money troubles and a general decline in morality among people his age, has friends and relatives who are addicted to drugs, etc… “Good,” that American thinks, “Maybe my own government can help me a little instead. Getting off my back with the taxes counts as helping.”

    For some, even the phrase “America is the world leader” just means “the American government is spending taxpayer money on foreign problems.”

    This is particularly true when it comes to leftists touting the great social programs of Western European countries. The leftist will say, “[Western European country] has better schools, better healthcare, better roads, and happier citizens,” and many right-wing Americans hear, “[Western European country that only exists in its current form because of American military might protecting it during WWII and the Cold War] was able to focus on domestic problems while Americans were busy being the global leader.”

    Our grandfathers cleared the Nazis from your countries, then spent the rest of their lives paying taxes that went, partially, to rebuilding your countries. Our fathers kept the Soviets from going into your countries, and spent their entire lives paying taxes that went, partially, to maintaining the status quo in the world… a status quo that allowed you to focus on your domestic problems. And now, American guys my age, all we ever hear is condescension from those same Western European countries. “You should be more like us, but you’re too ignorant to understand that,” says the “us” that our parents and grandparents made possible.

    Even if it was in America’s own self-interest to do those things, as Europeans like to point out, those Western European countries still benefited from it. It’s in a shark’s best interest to keep swimming, but the ramoras have evolved to take advantage of the free ride to the point that they can’t function well anymore without clinging to a bigger fish. Do you think they ever criticize the sharks to which they’ve attached themselves, claiming they know better than the sharks how to be a fish?

    That goes for immigration too, both legal and illegal. It’s difficult to convince an American whose job prospects and income are far worse than their grandparents were at their age that the fact that America’s status as a world leader makes it a beacon for immigration of all kinds is a good thing.

    “People want to move to America because it’s the land of opportunity and a beacon of hope for so many,” says one person.

    “Here comes even more competition,” hears the American who’s been struggling their whole life to achieve what seemed to be a lot easier for their parents and grandparents.

    Trump’s impeachment hearings have shed light on another sore subject for some Americans when it comes to “world leader” status: foreign aid. When they hear about Trump holding foreign aid to the Ukraine, they think, “why are we giving them money in the first place?” The U.S. Government gives about $50,000,000,000 to other governments around the world in “aid.” Meanwhile, the U.S. Government can’t seem to fix the potholes on the interstate highway you take to work every day.

    The United States isn’t the only wealthy country in the world. We’re not the only ones who have some sort of moral obligation to help the less fortunate around the world.

    Imagine hearing about some natural disaster in some developing country. Then you hear about how your developed country is sending aid to that country. You’re supposed to feel a sense of pride that your leaders are doing the moral thing and helping the less fortunate. But, if you’re like some Americans nowadays, you begin to think: “Wait a minute… where are the Chinese ships full of aid for those victims? Where are the Russian ships? Why aren’t the British or French rushing over to help those people? Why is it always just the Americans picking people back up when they’ve been knocked down?”

    My hometown in North Carolina has a large refugee population from Southeast Asia… I believe Myanmar to be precise. There is an association of churches that come together to help bring those refugees to the United States. Most people in my hometown are welcoming to the refugees and sympathetic to their plight, but also wondering why, say, India or China or Australia or Japan or some country that’s actually on the same side of the globe as Myanmar isn’t doing more to help.

    Being the world leader is a thankless job. Just read the comments section of this a few hours after I post it. I’ll bet there will be a lot of people criticizing the United States for its “world leader” position.

    “Fine,” so many Americans say now, “you don’t want us as the world leader, we don’t want to be the world leader, so it all works out. Let the world deal with its own problems for a while. We have problems right here we need to deal with.”

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    I'm sure Putin would prefer if the world trusted him to lead. He's certainly trying very hard to get Turkey out of NATO, one way or another.
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