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  1. #1 PG&E failed to inspect transmission lines caused deadly 2018 wildfire 
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    Bankrupt California power producer PG&E Corp (PCG.N) did not properly inspect and replace transmission lines before a faulty wire sparked a wildfire that killed more than 80 people in 2018, a probe by a state regulator has concluded.

    The Caribou-Palermo transmission line was identified as the cause of the Camp Fire last year, which virtually incinerated the Northern California town of Paradise and stands as the state’s most lethal blaze.

    “PG&E failed to maintain an effective inspection and maintenance program to identify and correct hazardous conditions on its transmission lines ... as are necessary to promote the safety and health of its patrons and the public,” a 700-page report by the California Public Utilities Commission said.

    The report was dated Nov. 8, 2019. It was released to the public on Monday.

    he probe concluded that PG&E’s inspection shortcomings were part of a pattern of ‘inadequate’ execution of those tasks.

    In response to the report, PG&E acknowledged the role of its equipment in the fire and apologized.

    “We remain deeply sorry about the role our equipment had in this tragedy, and we apologize to all those impacted by the devastating Camp Fire,” the company told Reuters in an emailed statement, adding that it accepted the probe’s conclusion that the company’s electrical transmission lines caused that fire.

    Dear PG & E Customer,

    We are sorry to announce that your rates will triple because of our incompetence.

    However, our top executives and large shareholders made a ton of money by not spending the money for inspections.


    If you have and comments or concerns our mailing address is:

    Customer Service Caribou-Palermo Fire

    P.O. Box 1313

    Brasilia, Brazil
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    I guess the customers have to mail complaints because they have no power to phone or email!

    But I guess if your home burned down to the ground because of their mismanagement, you are no longer a customer so it is a moot point
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    They are part of the California government, who cares.
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