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  1. #1 NYC Mayor Attacks Bloomberg For Defending His Wealth 
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    New York Mayor Bill de Blasio recently slammed his predecessor Mike Bloomberg for being supposedly “too wealthy to be a Democrat.” De Blasio took to Twitter Sunday, saying Bloomberg is a “rich elitist” who showed his true colors in a recent interview.

    While talking to CBS over the weekend, Bloomberg responded to criticisms of his wealth. He said other Democrats had a chance to make a fortune of their own, but didn’t. De Blasio went nuclear over his remarks, calling them “poor shaming.” The New York official said Bloomberg was making “the rich even richer” as a mayor. However, Bloomberg said he only became wealthy because America is the land of opportunity. He made these comments during his CBS interview:

    “I don’t come from money, nobody gave me a head-start. My parents gave me an education in the public school system in Medford, Massachusetts, and they taught me ethics and they taught me hard work. I worked my way through college and then I worked for 15 years, I got fired, I started a company — the company turned out to be phenomenally successful.”

    Bill de Blasio Net Worth $1.5 million
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    I'm guessing Del Blasio is not exactly poor.
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