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  1. #1 Biden Supported Welfare Work Requirements in 1996 
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    Former vice president Joe Biden on Friday called the Trump administration "morally bankrupt" for its expansion of work requirements for food stamps, even though the former vice president was a self-proclaimed architect of America's work for welfare regime.

    Responding to news that an estimated 700,000 Americans could be removed from welfare rolls by a recently announced federal rule, Biden took to Twitter to say, "This administration is morally bankrupt." He joined dozens of other Democrats who have expressed outrage at the change, which is meant to reduce SNAP rolls and which swelled after the Great Recession.

    During his time as a senator, however, Biden was a major backer of work requirements for welfare. In particular, he supported the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, the Clinton-era overhaul of the federal welfare system widely seen as ushering in "workfare" in the United States. Speaking in defense of the bill, he heralded it as a victory for the idea that "work should be the premise of our welfare system" and noted that he had pushed for such a reform before his first presidential run in 1988.
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    He should be proud of that vote. Job training was also part of that package, and people who were disabled were exempt from the work requirements.

    Michigan's program at the time really did get people off the cash payment side of welfare-many still got Medicaid and Food Stamps to help out, but the cash benefit to able-bodied and minded adults was ended. And working for minimum wage is better than welfare, because there is opportunity to make more money as one continues to work.
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