How can the idiots be so clueless? LOL.

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Not. One. Reference. To. Jonathan. Turley's. Testimony. Today.

Unless I missed something, I think that speaks volumes about how panicked and lost rePuticans are at this point. They have no fact witnesses. They have no facts to defend their lawless rePutican pResident. It's all about damage control and flinging pointless Red Herring arguments and whining about the color of apples in January.

The congressional steamroller is flattening the rePutican party and laying it naked for all the world to see. Putin must be pissed at the incompetence of the rePutican lawmakers he's been bankrolling.

Nancy Pelosi does have them in her wheelhouse. Democrats, be proud and be vocal. We are the patriots that will be remembered for saving our republic.


I guess they need to hear what they WANT to be true whether it is or not....and in this case it is not true.

They are so Democrats have achieved something of great note...based on their greatness.

But they rigged the "rules" to deny President Trump and Republicans due process. They made sure the process was not fair. And given they have the majority it was a forgone conclusion that at sometime they would impeach him. Jack*sses can make many claims , ie LIES, but they couldn't even find a crime to accuse him of, it's all Democrats being butt hurt at losing the last election and Obama's abuse of power "pen and a phone" rules, regulations and black*sses executive orders.

Their arrogance and hate will bite them in the butt.

And talking about abuse of power Schitt Azz supoening the phone records of a political opponent and reporters. Democrats are fine with that. Schitt Az and his staffers ought to be in prison and the jack*sses may well find themselves there yet.