riversedge (52,748 posts)

#kevinMcCarthy is having his panties in a tight wad on msnbc. who.
Keven McCarthy is taking the Democrats to the woodshed and whipping their ass.

Knowing the Democrats and their arrogance and feelings of entitlement they will feel no shame.

Democrats seem to think everyone is going to believe their lies and will agree with their thuggery and hate.

pwb (3,943 posts)

4. They didn't understand the effects when they Impeached President Clinton?

But that is different right Kevey.?

Clinton LIED under oath. That is a FELONY. President Trump has done nothing wrong except............ WINNING the ELECTION.

Piglosi and the rest of the piggies can chant their mantra about 'defending democracy' but people KNOW that what impeachment is really about is Democrats having one more temper tantrum, demanding that they be in power even when they lose.