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  1. #1 *WARNING* Constitution is under attack -- Facing Unprecedented Crisis 
    Think about it for a second. Why are the democrats so hell bent on impeachment? Are they not realizing that Pence will simply step up, thus keeping intact Trumps vision for america? What is their end game? Seems fruitless to me. What will they gain? All Trump supporters would vote for pence, so he would probably still win in 2020 and republicans will maintain control, giving democrats little leverage to deploy their evil plans for America's destruction. Think of it:The democrats had no evidence when they started this impeachment inquiry and they have no evidence now. Yet amazingly, they are still pushing ahead, despite the reality of the impeachment hoax, Because they have ulterior motives.

    They know exactly what they are doing. They know the impeachment is just a vehicle for their rebellion and eventual coup. Meaning the "coup" will take out the entirety of the conservative ideology (civil war perhaps?). It will be a total overthrow of Trump AND the constitution. We may also be looking at total anarchy in the not so distant future if the dems succeed in this diabolical plan. Which they will, they will get that leftist utopia by hook or by crook.

    And we know that once the constitution is removed as our principle form of government, we will immediately lose all of our rights and freedoms. This will happen overnight and likely has to happen before the trial goes to the senate because we know the senate will not convict Trump, thus keeping his chances alive for another run in 2020. Another reason the left CANNOT fail with this impeachment coup is that Trump is facing challengers who punch well below his weight class. They know Trump will win in 2020 by a landslide and that would mean an end to the democratic party and leave the remaining, disenfranchised liberals holding the bag. There is a reason why know democratic candidate has been picked yet: Because the DNC knows there will NOT be a 2020 election. In point of fact, Obama will be once again thrust into the spotlight, rising to a position of supreme authority. This one world government Obama will lead will be based on a new form of socialism called Global socialism. Yes, we are nearly the end of the constitutional rule of the United States and socialism and genocide is to follow. All at the behest of Barack Obama and his minion.

    So that being said, I say with reasonable certainty our nation will collapse by November 2nd at the latest and likely much sooner than that. We will see a violent coup and our nation will fall at that point. And fall into the wrong hands. There will be a civil war, in fact it is already being waged against Trump in the forum of the corrupt and treasonous media in collusion with corrupt and treasonous democrats. Right now, the fight is primarily between Trump and Obama. Yes people, the culture war is real. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

    Make no mistake, Obama is at the very center of this treasonous and vicious grab for power. In regards to Israel, Im sure its just another coincidence that Obama is a close adviser to Benny Gantz, Netanyahu's main political adversary.

    You wonder why Obama is not talked about anymore? That's because he has total immunity and total protection from the liberal media. Make no mistake, this man stayed in Washington for a reason, and that reason was to fight against Trump at every turn.

    What do you guys think? Over the top or in the realm of possibility?
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    Not gonna lie, I've had some tin-foil hat ideas about this whole fiasco myself. Mine are a mix of Pelosi and the DNC losing control of the snowball they created, then deciding to push it as far as they can, possibly as far as Congress declaring some sort of martial law when they lose the removal (and maybe the impeachment) vote, or just a simple they lost control of the snowball, and are now flying by the seat of their pants because Trump is not playing the usual Washington games that the Dems are used to, especially from linguini spined Republicans.
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