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Andrea Mitchell generously grants Bill Barr air time to explain why he disagrees with everything

Pete Williams "exclusive" interview is on right now. Turned it off. Williams opens with asking him why he feels the Russia investigation opened with "the thinnest of evidence." Thanks, Ms. Greenspan, but no thanks.


They don't even listen yet "know" he's corrupt. In realityh they kno that he won't ignore Democrat corruption and so must be deligitimized.

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1. Yes I tweeted about this to Laurence Trib

underthematrix @underthematrix

Unfortunately @msnbc @mitchellreports and @PeteWilliamsNBC who conducted the interview with AG Barr is giving him a platform for projective lying about the Inspector General's (IG) report.


11:20 AM - Dec 10, 2019
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Yes, how DARE he expose Democrat corruption. Democrats are supposed to be exempt from consequences of corruption. Just look at how the Jack*sses respond to out and out corruption by Hillary and Biden.

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3. What is wrong with this guy?!?

I think he's trying to save the Republican party.... I think he signed up because he knew Trump was screwing everything up for Republicans, and I think he thought..."I'm gonna fix this." Just like he did for Iran-Contra.
He is going to 'fix' it by applying the rule of law. Corruption and illegal actions do have consequences,
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10. I also turned it off

He should be impeached yesterday.
If the DUmp monkeys hear the truth they might not be able to deny knowing the they refuse to listen so they can keep their assumptions and hate.
targetpractice (3,846 posts)

12. This interview is STILL happening, and I am really nauseated....

Everything he is saying is grotesque.... He is a caricature of cartoon villain... I've never wanted to punch someone's face more than I do now.
Yes the truth of what Obama, Hillary, Comey, Brennan, Clapper et. al. did IS NAUSEATING. Dump monkeys want to punch out/kill the bearer of bad news, just like in days of old.

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13. But Mueller keeps his mouth shut. Fuck this
They'd rather he open his mouth to tell the truth, saying "no collusion, no obstruction"?

Because that's what he'd have to say.