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  1. #1 We need more common sense gun buy back programs 
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    Guess How Many Guns Philadelphia’s Gun “Turn In” Program Produced

    This weekend, police officers in Philadelphia hosted a gun turn-in event at two locations in the City of Brotherly love. Citizens were invited to come and turn in any firearms they had, no questions asked and without danger of facing prosecution. Despite setting up shop at multiple locations and publicizing the event on the radio, television and social media, the total number of weapons surrendered was… six. But the event’s organizers still said they were “pleased” with the results. (CBS Philadelphia)

    Half a dozen guns were surrendered during a gun turn-in program in Philadelphia. While that number seems small, organizers are pleased.

    The gun turn-in program began Saturday at locations in West Philadelphia and East Germantown.

    “We’re at an epidemic stage at this point. If this is not an urgent situation now based on how many children, now it seems like it’s every week there’s another child being shot,” Bible Way Baptist Church Senior Pastor Damone Jones said.
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    We do need a law that prevents non-citizens, like the Pensacola shooter, from being able to legally purchase guns.
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