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  1. #1 How close is America to a dictatorship? 
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    kentuck (94,759 posts)
    How close is America to a dictatorship?

    It seems to me that the present occupant of the White House has taken total control of all the Departments of our government, including State, Defense, Homeland Security, Energy, OMB, Treasury, etc.

    He also has total control of the Senate at this time. He has control of all the Republicans in the House. They have been frantically stacking the courts with their people.

    The only part of government that they do not "control" at this time is the Democratic majority of the House of Representatives.

    How close are we to total control by a dictator?

    Not to be paranoid or unreasonably fearful, but it seems we are getting very near total control by the Chump in the White House?


    Baked Potato (752 posts)

    6. He only has temporary control

    There is immense pushback at every level. His hasnít solidified a Staff beyond a couple aids and his offspring. His cabinet level managers have been forced to leave in disgrace. He has anonymous insiders watching his every move. Most of his military moves have been delayed, rescinded, changed, or outright ignored. In shear numbers, he is overpowered. He is being sued and investigated for just about everything he has ever done.

    I do expect him to become increasingly paranoid and vile. He will stop at nothing to save himself and/or his family from financial ruin or prison. Every bit of our patience and determination will be tried by him.
    And the Jack*ss Party claims it is President Trump abusing his authority, and acting like a dictator. This Jack*ss just admitted Democrats are doing EVERYTHING they can to take out a legitimately elected President. Unless these Jack*sses are tried and punished for the traitors/seditionists they are they will just continue to do this every time there is a Republican President. Barr has a huge job with these jack*sses.

    yortsed snacilbuper (6,716 posts)

    8. Like what happened in Germany during the 1930's and 1940's,

    letting a mad man take over the country.
    overleft (1 post)

    12. Sadly, we are witnessing a facist cult take over our country
    Jack*sses are certainly trying. During the impeachment inquiry they demonstrated the way they would govern if/when they get the reigns of government back again.
    Liberals are divorced from reality and they think it's great. When you live in la la land you're never wrong, it's always the other person/groups fault and you can believe what you want to believe and call it 'truth'.
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    Hey DUmmies, does this sound familiar,

    "I,ve got a pen and I've got a phone "

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    "Even if Trump didn't pay Russian hookers to pee on one another to defile a bed the Obamas once slept on it sounds like something he would do and that's all that matters." DemocratSinceBirth, Wed Jan 11, 2017, 09:32 AM

    "Enemy. The word you are looking for is enemy. When the ideals of someone are antithetical to yours, you can say the word "enemy". DUmmy ret5hd Fri Aug 24, 2018, 05:10 PM
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    Oh, good grief. In 2009 the Dems had the presidency, the House and a veto-proof majority in the Senate. They managed to shove Obamacare down our throats with no minority support. Then, when there was a huge backlash in the 2010 and 2014 elections Snarky McDouchebag announced that he didn't care what We The People had voted for because he had "a pen and a phone."

    IMHO, that makes that era much more like a dictatorship than what is going on today.
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    We are a Nancy Pelosi away from a dictatorship.
    I got nuthin
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    It seems to me that the present occupant of the White House has taken total control of all the Departments of our government, including State, Defense, Homeland Security, Energy, OMB, Treasury, etc.
    All Presidents control these departments. They are called cabinet positions and the President puts whoever he wants to in charge of them. Kentuck really is an idiot with no working knowledge of the U. S. government other than what the voices in his head tell him.
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    and he will sustain you;
    he will never permit
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    Psalm 55:22
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    How close are we to a dictatorship? About 90 miles away, from Florida.
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    kentuck is clutching his pearls and
    acting the Drama Queen for his fellow

    Man, when Democratics don't get
    their way they are just dangerous

    And it will get even worse when
    Hillary jumps back in.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    kentuck (94,759 posts)

    It seems to me that the present occupant of the White House has taken total control of all the Departments of our government, including State, Defense, Homeland Security, Energy, OMB, Treasury, etc.
    That's his job! Moron

    The United States Navy, fighting Moslem barbarians since 1801.

    Candace Owens for President 2024.
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    Sadly for the Democrats and DU we're nowhere near close to a dictatorship since a Republican is in the White House. They may get their wet dream one day, but it won't be this year nor the next.
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    Kentuck is asking how close is America to a dictatorship?

    You're fucking kidding me , right?

    This coming from the same happy bunch that is always trying find a way get rid of Fox News, Talk Radio ( unless it Far Left ) , purge YouTube of anyone not Far Left. Get rid of every Conservative, Libertarian , Independent blog and forum on the internet. De-platform speakers at every college in America, send out goons to attack rallies, have Soviet style show trials so you can put people in prison just because you don't like them. And getting rid of the Bill Of Rights because it gets in the way of your agenda.

    How close?

    They achieved it on Democratic Underground almost twenty years ago.
    CU's Paranormal Expert.

    Keep your powder dry, your sword sharp and your wits intact.
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