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  1. #1 Only 10% of Pope's charitable fund goes to the needy 
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    Every June, Catholics around the world are asked to open their wallets and give generously to a charitable appeal called Peter's Pence.

    The Vatican advertises the funds as going toward helping the poor and suffering, but a new Wall Street Journal investigation found that only 10 per cent of the more than 50 million euros ($72 million Cdn) given annually goes to those in need.

    Most of the rest is used to fight the Vatican's growing budget deficit which doubled in 2018 to more than 70 million euros ($102 million Cdn).

    Under church law, the Pope is allowed to use the Peter's Pence in any way that serves his ministry.

    Francis Roccam, the Wall Street Journal's Vatican correspondent, spoke with As It Happens host Carol Off about how the funds are used. Here is part of their conversation.
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    And this is the Pope who criticizes the US and carps on climate change, This seems to be the equivalent of raiding the donation box in an individual church, but on so much larger scale.

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