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  1. #1 NY Times Iraquis attackers were "mourners" 
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    The mob that attacked the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday was in fact a collection of “mourners,” according to The New York Times — a statement that drew an angry response from the paper’s critics.

    As reported by The Washington Post, thousands of supporters of an Iran-supported militia in Iraq marched on the embassy Tuesday, chanting “Death to America.”

    The protesters entered the embassy compound, where they torched the main reception area, scrawled graffiti on walls and caused other damage. The protesters then pulled back and vowed to camp outside the embassy in protest until the U.S. pulls all soldiers and diplomats out of the war-torn nation. No U.S. personnel were injured.

    But in its reporting, The Times saw things differently, tweeting, “Hundreds of Iraqi mourners tried to storm the United States Embassy in Baghdad, shouting ‘Down, down USA!,’ in response to deadly American airstrikes this week that killed 25 fighters.”
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    Mourners, Iranian thugs... at this point what difference does it make?
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    If they aren't now they will be when we get done with them.
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