The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is reportedly set to investigate a recent Tesla crash in Los Angeles which took the lives of two people. The NHTSA has sent a special crash team to investigate the incident, which may have involved Elon Musk’s “Autopilot” software.

ABC News reports that the NHTSA will begin investigating a crash involving a Tesla in Los Angeles which resulted in the deaths of two people. NHTSA spokesman Sean Rushton refused to clarify whether or not the Tesla Model S involved in the crash was on Autopilot when it crashed on December 29 in Gardena.

The Tesla vehicle reportedly left the freeway at a high speed and ran a red light, colliding with a Honda Civic in an intersection. A man and woman in the Honda Civic were killed in the collision. A man and woman in the Tesla were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries and no arrests were made at the scene
In California, the dead people would probably be arrested.