13-year-old American teen killed by gunmen in Mexico; family ambushed returning to US

A 13-year-old Oklahoma teen was shot dead while traveling south of the U.S.-Mexico border, becoming the latest American to die at the hands of gunmen in the country.

An American family was ambushed Saturday as they were attempting to return to the U.S., the attorney general for the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas stated. The family had traveled to San Luis Potosi to visit relatives for the holidays. As they were driving back Saturday night in their Chevrolet SUV, which carried Oklahoma state plates, the family was attacked.

The highway the family was traveling on — located just south of the Texas-Mexico border — has long been considered high risk, with Zetas and Gulf Cartel members both claiming the area as their own. The family was ambushed and shot at, leaving three people injured and the 13-year-old child dead.

The Tamaulipas attorney general said the parents were permanent U.S. residents and the child was a U.S. citizen, no further details about the family have been given.
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